Ralph Ellis On Fade To Black May 2nd

Ralph Ellis On Fade To Black

May 2nd 2016

Part III – First contact, First Message, Secrets of the Megaliths

Ralph Ellis SM
Ralph Ellis has been researching biblical and Egyptian history for more than 30 years. Being independent from theological and educational establishments allows Ralph to tread where others do not dare, and it is through this independence that Ralph has discovered so many new biblical and historical truths.The Grail Cypher

His books include: Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs, Eden in Egypt: Adam and Eve Were Pharaoh Akhenaton and Nefertiti, The King Jesus Trilogy, Cleopatra to Christ: Jesus: the great-grandson of Cleopatra, Thoth, Architect of the Universe and his latest work: The Grail Cypher, where Ralph explains that Arthurian history is actually based upon Gospel history.Edfu-522 Thoth.indd

Website: http://www.edfu-books.com/

Freeman Fly On Fade To Black May 3rd

Freeman Fly On Fade To Black

May 3rd 2016

The Freeman Perspective

Freeman Perspective enters Freemason Lodge in New York.


Freeman has been on the forefront of conspiracy theory for nearly two decades. He is an internationally-known, award-winning TV producer, film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer. Freeman is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, Illuminati symbolism, and ancient civilizations by his peers and professionals within this industry.Tonight we’ll get caught up on all things conspiracy from around the world and maybe even talk about Freeman’s new band: The Kevin Spacey Experiment.


John Lear On Fade To Black May 4th

John Lear On Fade To Black

May 4th 2016

Theories and Facts

John Leer SM


John Lear is a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot, as well as the son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet. He is a former Lockheed L-1011 Captain and is highly regarded in aviation circles. He has flown over 150 aircraft and has earned every certificate granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. John also held 18 world speed records and has worked for 28 different Aircraft Corporations. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, John began coming forward with some startling revelations concerning the subject of aerial phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects.
Website: http://therealjohnlear.com

Fadernight – Open Lines


Thursday’s 2016

Open Lines

Fadernight MARCH

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